Two More British Teenagers Arrested in Lapsus$ Case

Two More British Teenagers Arrested in Lapsus$ Case

British police arrested a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old this week in the international investigation into the Lapsus$ cyber gang.


According to Inspector Michael O’Sullivan, the two are accused of, among other things, unauthorized access to a computer and fraud in which they impersonate someone else. As a result, they remain in custody for now.

The arrests are part of a larger international search for the Lapsus$ gang. In recent months, it has carried out some high-profile attacks on tech giants such as Nvidia and the maker of authentication software Okta.

Two weeks ago, seven people in the UK were arrested in the same case, most of them teenagers. However, the gang itself seems to be back to work after a short break, including an attack on software company Globant.

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