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US Air Force has to Pay Millions for Texas Shooting

The US Air Force has to pay more than 230 million dollars to the victims of a shooting in the state of Texas. Five years ago, a former soldier shot dead 26 people in a church and injured 22 others.


A court has ruled that the government is partly responsible for the massacre.

Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley was found guilty of domestic violence by a military court, but the conviction was not reported to the FBI. As a result, the man could legally obtain firearms, while convicts are usually not allowed to have firearms in their possession.

Survivors and next of kin had brought the case because they believed the shooting could have been prevented. However, the court ruled that the government is 60 percent responsible for the Sutherland Springs massacre. The Air Force disagrees. A spokesman said he would appeal, the New York Times reported.

Kelley killed himself after the shooting incident. It was the worst mass shooting in Texas history, where gun laws are some of the most lenient in the country.

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