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US President Donald Trump: Nascar driver Darrell Bubba Wallace Should Apologize

US President Donald Trump thinks Nascar driver Darrell ‘Bubba’ Wallace should apologize.


According to Trump, the noose incident that Wallace found last month in his pit box before a race in Alabama was all made up.

“Has Bubba Wallace apologized to all those great Nascar drivers and officials who came to his aid, stood beside him and were willing to sacrifice everything for him, but then found out that it was all just another HOAX?

The president writes on Twitter. “This and the decision on the flag led to the lowest viewing figures EVER!”

Wallace found a noose in his pit box at the Talladega circuit last month. He thought it was a death threat.

The only black driver in the Nascar series had regularly spoken out against racism and inequality in the weeks leading up to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

An investigation by the FBI later revealed that the noose had been in the relevant pit box for months.

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