US Tech Companies Sued Over Russian Withdrawal

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Dell, Netflix and Apple are being sued in Russia for no longer providing services in the country. In Dell’s case, payment was made for never delivered items.


A Moscow court has seized 778,526,223 rubles, nearly eleven million euros, from Dell Technologies. It does so following Dell’s refusal to provide services to a Russian IT integrator for VMware, of which Dell is/was the distributor in the country. But those services have already been paid for.

Several Russian newspapers report the seizure. BleepingComputer also asked Dell for a response, but they are not commenting on pending legal matters.

The case is not the only one in Russia. Earlier, there was also a class action against Apple. A law firm is demanding 90 million rubles now that Apple has stopped using Apple Pay in the country. The reasoning here is that a purchased iPhone is worth much less due to Apple’s withdrawal because promised features are now no longer available.

A similar case is also pending against Netflix from the same office. Here, compensation of 60 million rubles is demanded.

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