US to Offer More Help with Ukraine Border

US to Offer More Help with Ukraine Border

The United States will give money for projects to better monitor Ukraine’s borders with Belarus and Russia.


It concerns more than 17.5 million euros for mainly technical means to guard the border, such as drones. This was announced in Kyiv when tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine.

Ukraine and the US say Russia threatens to invade by concentrating troops along the border. The Kremlin denies the threats. Instead, Moscow argues that Washington and Kyiv are fueling tensions, partly because of Ukraine’s rapprochement with NATO and US arms supplies. Russia wants US guarantees that NATO will not be expanded to include Ukraine.

Moscow and Washington will discuss their frictions and security issues on January 10. They then talk about Ukraine and nuclear armaments. Continuing tensions over Ukraine stem from the impeachment of an elected pro-Russian president of Ukraine in 2014.

The West sees it as the result of a popular uprising, the Kremlin sees it as the result of a coup d’état primarily encouraged by the US. In response, Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014 and supported pro-Russian insurgents in eastern Ukraine.

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