US Wants to Leave International Students if Universities Only Teach Online

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The U.S. Federal Migration and Customs Service have issued guidelines against international students attending institutions that teach online only.


They will have to go to another university, or they will be expelled from the country. The American education world is responding in dismay.

International students in the U.S. are at risk of deportation if their institution only offers online classes next school year.

The American migration service has decided that. In any case, students have to go to another university or university of applied sciences that does offer classes on the campus itself.

New international students enrolling in institutions that only offer online classes will not be issued a visa. The measure increases pressure on universities to reopen their campus, despite the growing number of corona infections among young adults.

Due to the corona pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, many educational institutions in the United States have also switched to distance learning. In recent months, international students have been permitted to continue their classes online.

But the corona crisis continues, including famous Harvard University in Boston, one of the universities that just announced that classes would remain online only next academic year.

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