Vladimir Putin Confirms Attacks are Retaliation for Crimean Bridge Attack

USA: Russia Tries Out the Anti-Satellite Weapon

Washington accuses Russia of trying a special weapon to bring down satellites. It is, according to the US government, “a new, serious and growing threat”.


The Kremlin refutes the allegation.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov stressed that Russia has always remained true to the principle that space must be demilitarized and that no weapons should be placed in it.

But according to the US, a Russian test was conducted in space in mid-July using a weapon under development to destroy satellites.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, an experiment was conducted in space in mid-July, but not with a weapon, but with a new ‘inspection satellite’ that should be able to determine the state of satellites in space.

Washington will bring the matter up next week in talks in Vienna where the Russians are negotiating a new mutual treaty for nuclear warheads.

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