Vladimir Putin Confirms Attacks are Retaliation for Crimean Bridge Attack

Vladimir Putin Urges Russians to Vote for Constitutional Change

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged his countrymen on Tuesday to vote for constitutional changes that would allow him to become president again twice.


He called the reforms a guarantee of stability, security and prosperity.

Putin called on the eve of the most critical and final day of a seven-day nationwide vote that will change the constitution for the first time since 1993.

The proposed changes would put Putin in office for two more six consecutive years after his current tenure in 2024. Polls show that more than two-thirds of the voters support the changes.

That could keep the former KGB officer, now 67, in-office until 2036, although Putin has said he has not yet made a final decision on what he wants to do.

“We are not just voting for amendments.

We are voting for the country we want to live in, with a modern education and health system, that we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren,” Putin said.

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