WhatsApp Adds More Information About Privacy and Data Processing in Europe After A Fine

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WhatsApp is adding more information to its usage rules after the Irish Data Protection Authority (DPC) imposed heavy fines.


However, the chat service, part of Facebook group Meta, emphasized on Monday that nothing will change in the way data is processed. WhatsApp only makes the clarifications requested by the DPC.

The chat service appealed against the fine of 225 million euros imposed in September but must meet the conditions as long as the procedure is ongoing.

Following WhatsApp will, among other things, provide detailed information about why data is stored or deleted and how it is transferred across borders. The legal basis for the processing of data will also be explained in more detail. Users must be notified of the changes via a banner in the app.

The data protection authority in Ireland, where WhatsApp is based, accused the chat service of violating European privacy law (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) in early September. The fine is the second-highest to date for such an infringement.

In July, the online store Amazon in Luxembourg was fined 746 million euros. Amazon also appealed.

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