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You Must Eat If You are Grumpy because You are Hungry

You Must Eat If You are Grumpy because You are Hungry. Do you recognise that feeling that you have such a rumbling stomach that you cannot be enjoyed? This state of grumpy and hungry is also called ‘hungry’. It has everything to do with the right timing at which you eat, but also with what you eat. In any case, marches, liquorice and cookies are not recommended.

Being ‘hungry’ is a psychological and emotional reaction to having hunger. If we have not eaten for too long, our blood glucose drops. If our blood sugar level is (also) low, this affects our cognitive functions. Our body then tries to raise blood sugar levels by releasing cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones). These are linked to aggression and may be the reason that we become grumpy.

Often when we are hangry, we eat the first thing that can be found within reach: sugar and carbohydrate-rich food. This does not solve anything, because in the end, you get an even more significant dip. What should you eat? A mix of fibres, proteins and healthy fats. You can think of a piece of rye bread with avocado or hummus, a handful of unsalted nuts, yoghurt or cottage cheese with blueberries or a large bowl of vegetable soup.

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